Various Projects from UWA Classes

Adobe Illustrator Sketch

An exercise in creating a sketch and translating it to a vector in Illustrator

Up-Tight Tailors

(A ficticious company logo assignment)

Slogan: Suiting you up tight and on a budget

History: As the youngest and skinniest of five boys, Tuck Cutter often wore hand-me down clothes from his brothers that were usually too big for him. Tuck’s parents, Piper and Codger, encouraged their boys to be problem solvers, so, by the age of 14, Tuck was handy with a needle and thread, able to mend and hem the clothes that he was handed down from his brothers. Tuck repaired and altered clothes, not just for himself, but for his parents, brothers, classmates and neighbors, too. Often, he could be found in his room, studying the latest trends and practicing his stitches. Tuck was a bit of an artist as well and began drawing up his own designs for various pieces of clothing. At age 16, he offered to mend and alter costumes for the drama department at his high school. Those that were beyond repair, Tuck replaced with new costumes that he designed himself from old clothes and thrift shop buys. Tuck’s services were especially popular during the Homecoming and Prom seasons each year, when teenage boys and girls needed the perfect fit for their suits and gowns. After graduating high school, Tuck decided to attend the Haberdasher University and entered their fashion design program, earning a bachelor’s degree in both Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design. Upon finishing his education, Bonnie Buttons, owner of Godets & Gussets, took Tuck on as an apprentice tailor. During his time at Godets & Gussets, Tuck’s experience and knowledge grew, and he began creating his own unique designs, including a prom gown for his best friend, Casey Dart, and a coordinating suit for her date. Bonnie, impressed with his work, encouraged Tuck to apply for a fashion designer position in New York at Trending, Inc. Tuck was reluctant to leave the comforts of Bodkin Falls, but was excited about the prospect of doing what he loved on a grander scale. He applied for the job and was hired almost immediately. Tuck spent three years at Trending, Inc, and while he loved seeing his designs in the global market, he felt that the personal element of his work was missing. In 1996, he quit his New York job, moved back to Bodkin Falls, and started his own business, Up-Tight Tailors, finding more satisfaction in helping people find the right fit for their clothes.


Tuck Cutter’s aim is for clothes to look like they were made for the person wearing them, without looking like they were altered, and on a family-friendly budget. Tuck’s humble beginnings as an amateur tailor have kept him grounded, allowing him to appreciate each of his clients. He prides himself on the quality of his work and gives each of his clients a personal and pleasant experience. Specializing in alterations and custom garments, Tuck uses only the finest materials in his work and is not satisfied until his clients are happy.