About Me

Little Ole Me

• I am a Navy brat, Army wife [retired], and Marine mom.

• I am a mother of five, step-mother of two, and grandmother of three.

• The first computer class I took was to learn DOS. 

• I have been doodling since I could hold a crayon.

• I work in Adobe Photoshop, lnDesign, and Illustrator.

• I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

• I am diligent and a perfectionist, but I like to have fun, too!

A little more about me…

I began my college career at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL, in 1990. I changed my major several times but ultimately decided on Graphic Design. Seven years, two marriages, and four children later, I put college aside to concentrate on and take care of my family. 

In 2009, I paired my love for photography with my passion for chronicling our life through scrapbooking and began working as an Independent Digital Scrapbook Designer. I have been in several online shops since then and have worn many hats in addition to designing. I learned the ins and outs of X-Cart and ZenCart and helped administration teams with skinning their sites and conquering technical issues. I owned a small online shop for three years, shutting it down due to rising costs and declining sales. Since 2015, I have been at Pickleberrypop.com – one of the few digital scrapbooking stores left in an industry that is dying a slow death. Most of the shops have closed, and those that are left are struggling with declining sales. 

The kids are now age 20-31 years with lives of their own, leaving me with an empty nest and more time on my hands than I, at first, knew what to do with. I decided to pick up my college career, almost where I left off so many years ago. I did a two-year stint at the University of West Alabama working on a degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications and am currently working towards a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Arizona.

Because I took such a long hiatus from school, much of my current knowledge is self-taught. From DOS to WordPerfect to Windows; from crayons to pencils to using an XP-Pen tablet … From the ground up, I worked hard and researched to learn what I now know – and I work even harder in my classes now to learn and understand more.

Because I’m a perfectionist, the job – whatever job that may be – is not done until I feel it is the perfect solution. I apply this mentality to both personal and professional work. So, whatever it is you need, I will work with you until the job ends with the solution you and your company deserve. 

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