GRA 224: Visual Communication II

Further understanding in the fundamental principles of visual communication. Students will explore and discover largely unknown phenomena in color, drawing, looking, and painting on the computer.

Project 1: Setup & Photography

This project is preparation for the other projects that follow, which will explore varying amounts of form in relation to space and volume. We were given a wireframe to base the entire project on, to include persepective.

Detailed images of each part of the glass

Project 2: Black Brush Translation

Beginning in Photoshop CC, we were to paint the dark areas of the glass three times, each time with a different sized brush, fitting the paintings of our glass to the wireframe.

Project 3: White Brush Translation

In this part of the project, we were to choose 2 of the previous paintings and move forward, adding highlights with a white brush

Project 4: Black/White Brush Translation

Here we were to refine the black and white areas on the previous paintings

Project 5: Vector Translation

For the final part of the project, we were to take our photographs, the provided wireframe, and our paintings into Illustrator and create the glass as a vector drawing