Movie Posters

Posters are just one type of asset a company can utilize, and I find them incredibly fun to design. This three-poster project was no exception: one movie title, three different movie genres. I chose a western, a documentary, and a thriller. I leaned on my vast library of movies for inspiration for each of the genres I chose. 

Westerns tend to be yellow with wide-open spaces, unpaved roads, cowboys on horseback, and a lot of dirt. Taking inspiration from that, I came up with this poster about a cowboy who is back in the saddle again. 

Documentaries are non-fiction stories and vary in their subject matter. Because the title has the word “moon” in it, I immediately thought to make this particular poster about a lone wolf and used several different shades of blue 

Thrillers are usually dark and full of suspense, surprise, anxiety, and sometimes blood. I took inspiration for this poster from those characteristics, used dark colors, a bold red for the blood spatter, and added a pair of ominous cat eyes.

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