Blue 42 Media


Blue 42 Media is a fictional company created for a class logo design project.

The company:

• is based out of Los Angeles and has been in business for about six months

• has 3-15 employees

• produces videos for the web

• has no tag line yet, but would like to have that option built in for later

The problem: the company is having a hard time getting public attention and keeping pace with technological advances, as well as working in a saturated market.

The competition includes other small media companies and more significant film and television production companies

Mission statement: at Blue 42 Media, we blend engaging content with visual storytelling to produce commercial, education, and documentary videos of the highest standard.

There are two types of audiences.

Audience #1: small to medium-sized corporate clients who want to use videos in-house to send their message to and engage employees

Audience #2: big-name networks looking for original programming


With the above brief in mind, I took to sketching out dozens of possibilities.


The company wants to branch out into original programming for companies like the Discovery Channel, while still producing video for smaller companies for the web and in-house use. Keeping this in mind, I was drawn to sketches that had a digital/robotic look.


I chose this particular design because it is clean and straightforward yet has a bit of personality from the kinked antenna.

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